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Enjoy your staple virgin coconut oil in capsule form! GROWRICH’s long list of positive health benefits include building the immune system, keeping diabetes in check, lowering cholesterol, and even promoting weight loss! GROWRICH also does wonders to the face, hair, and skin.

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What is Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil Capsule?


Pure virgin coconut oil does wonders! Take GROWRICH capsules daily to help you strengthen your immune system and give you that boost of energy for overall good health.

GROWRICH is pure virgin coconut oil in a hard gel capsule. It is the best and healthiest oil on earth with positive advantages on the face, hair, and skin. Extracted from fresh coconut meat by natural means and is chemically free without subjecting the oil to heat, GROWRICH is the first and patented virgin coconut oil in hard gels approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA),

Know More About

Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil Capsule health benefits:


  • helps build and maintain our immune system

  • has natural antioxidant properties

  • boosts energy and vitality

  • improves our ability to absorb important minerals

  • promotes weight loss • helps in bacterial/fungal/viral infection

  • reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer

  • lowers cholesterol

  • helps improve poor skin texture and reduces falling hair

  • prevents constipation

  • promotes lauric acid in breast-feeding mothers

  • helps in the proper distribution of nutrients throughout the body

Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil Capsule contains:


Saturated Fatty Acids

Lauric Acid increases “good cholesterol” and has a more favorable effect on total HDL cholesterol Capric Acid has anti-viral effects

Caprylic Acid is used in the treatment of bacterial infections

Caproic Acid saturated fatty acids found in coconut oil

Mysteric Acid is used by the body to stabilize many different proteins and is used in the immune system

Stearic Acid lowers LDL cholesterol in the blood

Palmitic Acid – Palmitoylation is important for membrane localization of many proteins

Unsaturated Fatty Acids
Oleic Acid is good for the heart. It helps lower the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood stream

Essential Fatty Acids
Linoleic Acid is essential fatty acid that humans must ingest for good health because the body requires them for biological processes
Linolenic Acid lowers the risk of coronary heart disease


Recommended Dosage:


Take one to two (1-2) capsules a day


For other inquiries regarding GROWRICH Virgin Coconut Oil Capsule, contact (+63) 917-805-7307

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