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No Insulin Spike. No Worries.

Diabetics are normally careful about consuming sugar and carbohydrates because these turn into glucose, which breaks down in the bloodstream causing insulin spikes. The insulin spikes occur because insulin is used to convert glucose into energy.

Virgin Coconut Oil has high levels of lauric acid, which breaks down in the liver, giving you energy without causing any insulin spike.

Virgin Coconut Oil is great for diabetics is because it is rich in medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Our bodies metabolize fatty acids according to their size. That is why MCFAs from coconut oil have a totally different effect on our bodies than the long-chain fatty acids that are more commonly present in the foods we eat on a daily basis. MCFAs are digested more easily than LCFAs because they are smaller. MCFAs are able to provide necessary energy to cells without adversely affecting insulin levels or blood sugar.

VCO is a great source of energy for diabetics because it helps supply energy to cells easily being absorbed without needing enzymes or insulin.

Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules are available in drugstores nationwide for only P10.25 per capsule.

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